Apr 05, 2024

The Best Heated Clothing and Accessories of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Stay toasty-warm with wearables like the Arris Fleece Heated Vest and Ororo 3-in-1 Heated Gloves.

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You obviously need cold-weather gear when spending time in a chilly climate, but if you're expecting particularly frigid temperatures, you might consider the heated variety. We're talking about clothing and accessories with battery-powered electrical components that help keep you toasty-warm hours after you step outside.

We tried 76 products firsthand — including jackets, vests, gloves, socks, and hand warmers — and researched dozens more. Our testers tried each piece in a real-life environment to assess the design, ease of use, comfort, heating abilities, and overall value. (Find out more about our in-depth testing processes below.)

In the end, we narrowed it down to the most user-friendly, effective products that kept us comfy and cozy without restricting movement or making us sweat, from Day Wolf Heated Socks to the Ororo Heated Jacket.


This comfy, flattering jacket heats up in less than a minute, stays warm for up to 10 hours, and is conveniently machine-washable.

The LED-illuminated logo is pretty bright.

Ororo makes the best heated jackets for both women and men. After putting them to the test, we were impressed by the comfort, look, and performance of each. Thanks to the slender battery pack and LED button on the chest, setup was intuitive, and it was easy to toggle through the temperature settings. However, the illuminated logo on the button is almost too bright in that it can be distracting, but our testers thought this was a minor flaw.

Our testers could feel the warmth less than a minute after turning the jackets on, and you can expect it to stay warm for up to 10 hours on a full charge. While most of the heat is concentrated in the lower back and chest area, we could still feel it on the collar and in the pockets. One tester described wearing the coat as an "overall very cozy experience." The fit is flattering as well — slim but not too tight. These jackets are also conveniently machine-washable — just make sure you remove the battery pack first.

Price at time of publish: $157

The Details: 115 degrees Fahrenheit max | 10-hour runtime

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson


This adjustable, high-tech vest heats quickly and keeps your back, chest, waist, and hands warm in frigid temps.

There's no on/off button.

We're big fans of this feature-rich vest. It has three buttons on the chest, where you can preheat it and switch between the temperature settings. While it's definitely user-friendly, there's no actual on/off button — inserting the battery pack powers it on. The Arris Heated Vest takes less than five minutes to warm up, at which point you can feel gentle heat throughout the back, chest, and waist.

It has five pockets, two of which have built-in hand warmers. Our testers raved about the "supremely comfortable fleece," explaining that they couldn't feel any wires or electrical fibers through the insulated layers. What's more, the adjustable size provides a custom fit. This high-tech vest is also machine-washable and easy to wipe clean as needed. If you're planning to spend several hours outdoors in the cold, you really can't go wrong.

Price at time of publish: $150

The Details: 176 degrees Fahrenheit max | 20-hour runtime

Leticia Almeida


They keep your whole hands warm without making them sweaty, and you can use your smartphone without taking them off.

The shells are somewhat bulky, but you can wear the liners on their own.

A reliable manufacturer of gear for all your cold-weather travels, Ororo also makes our favorite heated gloves. Our testers said this pair was user-friendly and appreciated that the rechargeable battery offers up to eight hours of warmth on a full charge. The preheat feature takes about five minutes to reach the desired temperature, at which point you can count on the gloves to keep your entire hands — from your wrists to your fingertips — toasty-warm but not sweaty.

We love the soft, stretchy feel and down-alternative insulation. While the shells are somewhat bulky, our testers noted that you can wear the heated liners separately. And both components are designed to work with touchscreens, so you can use your phone without taking off the gloves. The only other thing to note is that they call for hand-washing only, but that is pretty standard for battery-powered gear.

Price at time of publish: $160

The Details: 140 degrees Fahrenheit max | 8-hour runtime

People/Jessica Juliao


These stretchy, cushioned socks keep your feet, toes, and ankles reliably warm, even in icy conditions.

They take 15 minutes to heat up and aren't machine-washable.

Day Wolf Heated Socks boast a soft, stretchy, breathable feel with excellent cushioning. Our tester said they're not too thick or thin, which prevents them from bunching up in your boots. The battery pack is also barely noticeable when you have them on. We loved the straightforward heating function — just press the on button, and then adjust the temperature to your liking.

These heated socks warm your ankles, feet, and toes and won't make your feet sweat. It takes roughly eight minutes to feel any warmth and nearly 15 to reach full heat, but in the end, it's worth the wait. After submerging their booted feet in an ice bucket for a half-hour, our tester was pleased to report the warmth held strong. Though these socks aren't machine-washable, you can take out the battery packs and hand-wash them as needed.

Price at time of publish: $79

The Details: 131 degrees Fahrenheit max | 10-hour runtime

Jhett Thompson

The Warming Store

These plush, insulating slippers quickly warm up your feet and are machine-washable for your convenience.

They only come in one size and aren't rechargeable.

These soft, insulating fleece slippers warm the entire underside of your feet, reaching up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the weather-resistant materials, you can wear them while hanging out on your balcony or patio without worrying about damage. Each slipper runs on three AA batteries, which zip into the sole and last about four hours. (The brand also offers a rechargeable version, but it's over twice the price.)

An on/off switch on the side makes these house shoes easy to power up. You can also remove the batteries and toss them in your washing machine, but instead of tumble-drying, lay them flat to air-dry. Bear in mind, these unisex slippers only come in one size, so the biggest feet they'll fit is a men's size 10.

Price at time of publish: $50

The Details: 120 degrees Fahrenheit max | 4-hour runtime


This ultra-soft, plush blanket has six temperature settings for customizable warmth and an automatic shut-off feature.

It only comes in one size and a few colors.

Our favorite heat blanket comes from Cosi Home. This throw has six temperature settings, allowing you to customize your warming experience up to a toasty 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a user-friendly remote control with an on/off switch, temperature adjustments, and an automatic shut-off feature that you can set to power down after three hours.

We love the blanket's overall look and feel. One side is a plush shearling-like material, and the other is ultra-soft microfleece that feels amazing against the skin. It's machine-washable, too — just detach the remote and toss it in your washing machine.

Price at time of publish: $52

The Details: 131 degrees Fahrenheit max | Indefinite or 3-hour timer

Home Depot

The Go Warmer heats up in just a few seconds and doubles as a flashlight for on-the-go illumination.

The on/off switch can be finicky after heavy use.

The Go Warmer heats up remarkably fast. "Just a few seconds after toggling on, you could feel the heat," our tester said, "and it quickly heats up or cools down as you move between the settings." Not only that, but you can choose from three temperature settings based on the activity or your comfort level and expect up to eight hours of warmth on a full charge.

This nifty device doubles as an LED flashlight, offering not just on-the-go heat but also illumination when you need it. We also liked the ergonomic shape. "The design fits nicely in your hand and is sleek enough for coat pockets, too," our tester noted. It's easy to charge with the included USB cable and even comes with a handy carrying case that can fit up to two warmers.

Price at time of publish: $20

The Details: 120 degrees Fahrenheit max | 8-hour runtime

We tested nearly 80 products in the search to find the best heated clothing and accessories currently on the market. Our testers tried dozens of jackets, vests, gloves, socks, and hand warmers. After reading through the instructions, inserting the batteries, charging them (if needed), and powering them up, they noted how quickly each item warmed up, which areas of the body it heated, and whether it made them feel sweaty, too hot, or otherwise uncomfortable. In the case of heated socks and gloves, testers submerged their covered hands or feet in ice buckets for 15 minutes to see how well the products held up to extreme cold. When it came to jackets and vests, we sprayed them with water to assess weatherproofing and asked testers to do jumping jacks and report on any mobility issues. Rechargeable hand warmers were tested over the course of several weeks, with testers using them for everything from winter sports to walking the dog.

We also used digital thermometers to check the temperatures after 15 minutes and two hours of use. With user-friendliness, appearance, layerability, versatility, notable features, and price in mind, each product was scored for design, ease of use, comfort, and value. The top scorers for each category were featured in this roundup.

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

When buying heated gear, consider where you plan to use it and the activity at hand. For instance, if you're going to be spending several hours hitting the slopes or sightseeing in a snowy climate, think about getting a vest or jacket. Make sure the battery lasts long enough and that the product can withstand freezing temps. On the other hand, if your hands or feet always tend to be cold (whether indoors or outside), a pair of heated gloves, socks, or slippers might suffice.

You'll also want to think about the care requirements. Heated clothing is sometimes machine-washable on a gentle cycle with cold water and may or may not be dryer-friendly. And some accessories call for hand-washing only. Be sure to check the brand's care instructions before tossing anything in the wash — or getting the product wet, for that matter — and always remove the battery pack first.

You can usually keep heated items on for as long as the battery lasts — typically anywhere from three to 10 hours. Heated blankets and other products that plug into a wall likely won't cause an electrical hazard or present a risk of burning if left on. However, it's usually best not to sleep with them on, which is why many automatically shut off after a few hours.

Heated clothing and accessories are generally safe to use. Most run on low-voltage lithium batteries, which aren't considered an electrical hazard. Still, avoid wearing any heated gear that's soaking wet, as the moisture could present a shock risk if the wire connectors are exposed.

Theresa Holland is a commerce writer who specializes in travel, recreation, and consumer tech. For this story, she compiled in-house testing insights and researched today's best heated gear to create a comprehensive list of vetted products for every cold-weather activity.

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