Aug 16, 2023

Weather, rain chances for Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Denver

by: Samantha Jarpe

Posted: Jul 10, 2023 / 02:57 PM MDT

Updated: Jul 10, 2023 / 02:59 PM MDT

DENVER (KDVR) — Taylor Swift is scheduled to take the stage at Empower Field at Mile High on Friday and Saturday, and fans are eagerly waiting for the chance to see her perform her Eras Tour in Denver.

Empower Field is an open-air stadium, meaning there is no ceiling to prevent the weather from doing what it does.

So, knowing what the weather will look like ahead of time is important for anyone looking to attend.

Note: The forecast may change as the week progresses and the dates get closer.

According to the Pinpoint Weather Team, there will be highs in the mid-80s for both Friday and Saturday, with Friday sitting at a high of 86, and Saturday at a high of 82.

The lows for both dates are projected to be in the high-50s to low-60s.

It will also be partly cloudy on both days with a 10% chance of rain on Friday, and a 20% chance of rain on Saturday.

The weather for most of this week will stay dry and hot, but rain and storm chances are, for better or worse, returning on the two scheduled concert dates.

There are isolated storm chances in the forecast but doesn’t guarantee that it will rain or not.

Regardless, fans might want to prepare for the chance that it might rain by bringing an umbrella, rain jacket or poncho to the concert venue.

Fans are not permitted to bring large golf-sized umbrellas into the stadium, but smaller umbrellas may be permitted.

It is currently summer, meaning that the sun sets later in the day. This means the concert will start before the sun sets.

And, because Empower Field is an open-air stadium, this does matter.

On both concert dates, the sun will set just before 8:30 p.m., according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This is two hours after the concert starts at 6:30 p.m.

So, fans should plan to wear sunglasses and apply SPF 15 or higher sunscreen as needed to protect themselves from the sun’s rays before and during the concert before the sun sets.

Rain will likely not stop Swift’s performance, if her past concerts are any indication. Depending on the severity, though, there is a chance her performance time could be impacted.

Swift typically goes on stage at around 8 p.m., however during her July 1 concert in Cincinnati, Ohio, she went on an hour ahead of schedule due to rain.

Even severe weather didn’t stop Swift from performing in Nashville, though she went on hours later than scheduled, and there was a temporary “shelter in place” order placed on the stadium.

So, even if it does rain, the show will go on.



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