Aug 04, 2023

Flylow Fae Insulated Pant Review: Change Your Sport, Not Your Pants

Looking for a do-all insulated and durable pant for winter? Look no further than the Flylow Fae pant.

I really love winter. That said, it’s one of the more variable seasons, especially here in Colorado. It could be sunny and 40 one day, then cloudy, windy, and zero degrees Fahrenheit the next. More often than not, the weather fluctuates like this every few days.

With bouts of harsh gales, sudden dips in temp, and random dumps of snow a constant possibility, a versatile, warm, do-all pant for winter (aka ski season) is essential.

Some skiers prefer non-insulated pants; some prefer insulated ones. Really, it’s all down to what kind of skiing you are doing (uphill, downhill, a mix of both) and how often. If you already have a shell pant for uphill travel and need a comfortable, insulated pant for the coldest of resort skiing days (or just general winter wear), consider the Flylow Fae.

I almost always choose hardshell ski pants (or bibs) when I go skiing, but after testing the Flylow Nina (non-insulated) pant and being so impressed by the brand’s quality, I figured I needed to see if it made insulated pants just as well. So I got my hands on a pair of their insulated Flylow Fae pants to see for myself.

In short: Ski pants that double as multi-use pants in the wintertime are not easy to find. The Fae pants from Flylow ($350) are lightly insulated, waterproof, and durable. They held up well for a full season of skiing, snowshoeing, and more. If warmth and comfort are paramount, and you don’t mind investing in a well-made pant to last a while, give the Fae pant a gander. I’m into my second season of testing and am still loving them.

I’ve been wearing these pants for months now (last winter and spring, and now this winter) in a variety of conditions. I only recently began wearing and testing Flylow apparel in the past few years. But if the brand’s snow pants and bibs indicate the quality of their offering, I’m highly impressed.

The Flylow Fae pant is high quality, comfortable, soft, and moves with you easily. I’m no fan of snow pants that feel too stiff or heavy — yes, even if they’re advertised to have some stretch.

The brand’s Fae pants are made with a 92% polyester and 8% spandex blend for the two-layer hardshell ripstop exterior. And that 8% spandex proved to be just the right amount.

It’s worth noting the Flylow Fae pants first came out in the 20/21 season. Since then, the pants got some slight upgrades. Flylow switched to recycled Greenloft insulation, upped the insulation from 40g to 60g, and improved the breathable membrane rating from 20K to 30K.

In fact, Flylow updated several pants and jackets this season with more breathability and 100% recycled materials. Flylow uses Greenloft insulation made from post-consumer recycled PET.

Finally, the design. The insulated Fae pants are nicely fitted in the hips and legs, though not too fitted like the athletic fit of some European ski brands.

Flylow still nods to the roomy, baggy snowboard pant style so many of us love. In the Fae pant, Flylow seems to achieve technical chops, a comfy fit, and a refined style all in one.

Insulated pants are great for resort skiing and snowboarding, general winter use on really cold days, and for anyone who runs a bit cold. The beauty of these Flylow pants is that they are lightly insulated, providing some warmth on top of great waterproofing.

Still, I’ve worn them in temps down to about 5-10 degrees F.

But they also still worked for higher aerobic activities like snowshoeing and short uphill skins, thanks to upper outer-thigh vents. The thigh vents don’t extend all the way down the leg, but we found it was enough venting to offer versatility in most conditions.

With vents fully open, I used the Fae in temps over freezing, up to 40 degrees F or so.

The Fae has 60 g of recycled insulation. I’d say anywhere from 20-60 g of insulation in snow pants/bibs is the lower end, while the upper end is anywhere from 80 g to 100-plus g. Pants with that much added insulation are for extra-cold, or resort-only, endeavors.

The beauty of these pants (besides Flylow’s signature fit and style) lies in the lightly insulated design. They are great for resort skiing, shorter backcountry jaunts, and so much more. The pockets are designed well and zip great. The kick guards are beefy and durable, and the snaps work well.

Bottom line: the insulated Faes keep me warm (but can also be vented if needed). They’re durable and well-waterproofed and have become a staple pant for me this season.

I look forward to wearing these pants over and over in the coming winter months.

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