Aug 22, 2023

Sri Lanka's Rainwear transforms operations with WFX Apparel ERP

Rainwear, a prominent manufacturer of outdoor and technical apparel for the European market, has successfully revolutionised its operations and bolstered profitability through the adoption of WFX Apparel ERP. Enhanced synchronisation, accurate costing and improved productivity have propelled Rainwear to scale greater heights.

With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, Rainwear sought to synchronise costing and data, eliminate manual errors and enhance overall operational efficiency. The implementation of WFX ERP proved to be the catalyst that Rainwear needed, enabling them to streamline their processes, save time and make well-informed decisions for sustainable growth.

Before WFX, Rainwear encountered significant hurdles due to the lack of synchronisation between their Cost Sheets and Bill of Materials (BOM). This resulted in inaccurate costing and posed challenges in setting budgetary limitations for different styles. Additionally, the existing system struggled with capturing colour-wise costs, managing trims and improving sample order management. Cumbersome record-keeping further emphasised the need for a modern ERP system to address these shortcomings.

Recognising the necessity for change, Nipuni Kumarapeli, Manager of Key Account and Development at Rainwear, emphasised, “Our former ERP system had several limitations, particularly regarding the synchronisation between costing and BOM functions. This hindered our ability to control costs effectively and prompted us to seek a more robust solution.”

Rainwear embarked on an extensive search to identify the ideal ERP provider that would cater to their unique business needs. After evaluating multiple options, they discovered that most available software systems fell short in terms of user-friendliness, comprehensive apparel functionalities and adaptability. However, the WFX team stood out by demonstrating their flexibility and commitment to configuring the system to Rainwear’s specific requirements.

Kumarapeli explained their decision, stating, “WFX possessed all the necessary features and offered the most reliable support in addressing our challenges. They exhibited the ability to configure the system precisely to suit our needs.”

Since the implementation of WFX ERP, Rainwear has experienced a significant transformation. The synchronisation between costing and BOM has become seamless, saving time and ensuring precise calculations. The system’s functionality allows Rainwear to set accurate budgetary limitations, enabling them to capture order behaviour effectively and monitor profit and loss. WFX’s colour-wise costing feature allows the precise generation of material requirements, streamlining operations.

Kumarapeli commended WFX, stating, “WFX has simplified our processes. We can implement changes in the cost sheet and convert it into a BOM with a single click, saving us valuable time.”

WFX ERP effectively manages order-wise consumption deviations through its specialised costing feature. The system resolves procurement-related issues, streamlines trim management and ensures accurate cost allocation. Rainwear also benefits from improved sample order creation, streamlined reporting and enhanced analysis capabilities. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features of WFX ERP have significantly improved the company’s efficiency and productivity.

Kumarapeli attested to the impact of WFX ERP, stating, “WFX enables us to capture all requests, entries and other activities, allowing us to monitor our processes comprehensively and generate in-depth reports.”

Rainwear initially implemented WFX ERP in their apparel units and later extended its usage to their machine manufacturing units. Rainwear’s management eventually approved the adoption of WFX ERP after witnessing its numerous benefits. Throughout the implementation process, the WFX team provided exceptional support, flexibility and guidance.

Kumarapeli praised the team’s assistance, stating, “The WFX team was always helpful, flexible and responsive to our concerns. The overall process was enjoyable.”

Now fully integrated, WFX ERP has revolutionised Rainwear’s operations, providing accurate costing, streamlined procurement and production processes and efficient reporting and analysis capabilities. Rainwear can now set profit and loss targets accurately, optimise resource utilisation and make well-informed decisions for sustainable growth.

Kumarapeli concluded, “WFX has significantly enhanced our employees’ productivity, making their lives easier and allowing us to make better use of their time.” The successful implementation of WFX ERP has propelled Rainwear to new heights, paving the way for increased efficiency and profitability.

Rainwear’s collaboration with WFX ERP stands as a testament to the system’s ability to drive operational excellence and unlock growth potential for businesses in the apparel industry.

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